Whether you are entering into a real estate transaction or updating your home insurance, we have you covered.  We offer a full range of home inspection services to include:

  • Full Inspection - includes all of the major components of the home utilizing the latest technology
  • Pre-Listing Inspection - a full home inspection tailored to your needs as a seller.  Will provide drone images for you to use in your marketing
  • 4-Point Inspection - insurance companies will often require a 4-Point on older homes before issuing a policy
  • Wind Mitigation Inspection - inspects for the presence of key which could reduce the amount of damage a high wind event inflicts on a home. Can potentially be used to lower the cost of insuring your home.
  • New Construction Inspections - we can inspect your home at all stages of construction to include slab/block checks, Pre-Drywall Inspections, Pre-Move In Inspections, and One Year Warranty Inspections.


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